Carolus V Emperor

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If you are a lover of recreations and historical routes, this is your channel!

Why don’t you follow our YouTube channel yet? The best way to be aware of the historical recreations that we make every year, and that in 2019 these recreations will also be protagonists of some of our activities. Let’s take a view!

There are so many historical recreations that you can enjoy in our network of routes… And you can remember them whenever you want!

This is the purpose of our YouTube channel. A communication tool that we will strengthen this year, since there are many and varied historical recreations that we want you to know live, visiting the places where they are developed.

Historial recreations

You can’t miss a walk through the former palace of Emperor Charles V in Brussels. A visit that will allow you to know how its dependencies were and, likewise, enjoy a large number of activities that, as always, will star in one of our great events: the Carolus V Festival.

In addition, you can also learn about the history, culture and traditions of our associates through videos like this from Tordesillas, which invite you to visit at any time 😊

And historical recreations. In addition to the Ommegang, planned in Brussels between June 26th and 28th, you can’t miss too other historical recreations, such as the one that every year recalls the passage of the emperor through the town of Medina de Pomar.

And, shortly, you will be able to know more and more historical recreations, places to visit, traditions to know and other historical recreations with which to enjoy. And all without leaving the living room of your house or without looking away from your mobile phone. Now, of course, because if you’re impressed by watching those videos through any player, imagine how they will be live 😊
Do not miss them! And neither our YouTube channel!



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