Reparto de 'Los caminos del Emperador' junto a su director, Juan Frutos

Presentation of ‘The Emperor’s paths»

The series will emitted on Saturday, February 2 at 7:15 p.m.

The Emperor’s paths, series in which this network of routes participates, was presented on the night of January 31th, 2019.

In Cock’s pub, in Madrid, we’ve met a good part of the interpretive cast of the series, among which Mario Zorrilla, Antonio Salazar, Alberto Amarilla, Juan Gea (absent for professional reasons), Primitivo Rojas and Cayetana Cabezas, present at the event, mayors and representatives of the towns and cities through which the route crosses, as well as about thirty press representatives.

Cayetana Cabezas
Cayetana Cabezas.
Antonio Salazar
Antonio Salazar.
Primitivo Rojas
Primitivo Rojas.
Alberto Amarilla
Alberto Amarilla.
Mario Zorrilla.
Mario Zorrilla.

A special day

A special day, as stressed Juan Frutos, director of the series The Emperor’s paths, which you can start to enjoy from this Saturday, February 2nd. Why was it so special? He explains it to you (in spanish) in this video:

A showcase for this route network

A great series, in short, which is an impetus for our network of routes, as the network manager, Quintín Correas, made clear in his speech during the presentation (also in spanish) of The Emperor’s paths:

A way to bring Charles V to the public

Series that, among other things, allows to bring the figure of Emperor Charles V to a larger audience thanks to television, in the opinion of Eladio Fernández-Galiano (in spanish too), special advisor of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe:

In conclusion, a series that, we are convinced, you will love. You can check it every Saturday for five episodes. Remember: this Saturday, February 2, the first of them

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