Mario Zorrilla.

Mario Zorrilla, our Charles V of ‘The emperor’s paths’

We interview Mario Zorrilla, spanish actor who plays the role of emperor Charles V in the series The emperor’s Charles V, emitted by La 2 of TVE every Saturday afternoon

Last January 30th, The Emperor’s paths series was presented in Madrid. That day, we had the chance to interview Mario Zorrilla, the spanish actor who plays the role of emperor Carlos V.

Mario Zorrilla has a long experience in the world of interpretation since his debut in 1996 in Medico de familia. Currently, we can be seen daily in El secreto de Puente Viejo. He is the actor who plays the role of emperor Charles in The emperor’s paths.

Mario Zorrilla.
Mario Zorrilla.

Now, you have the opportunity to incarnate the Emperor Charles V. How Mario Zorrilla has assumed this role?

I’ve tried to approach me to the character with a lot of humility and affection and, also, with much desire. Above all, because of its importance in the history of Spain, Europe and Latin America in all respects. Places where you can find his footprint.

Indeed, a few…

And that’s the good thing —he smiles—, because now you can enjoy his steps from a historical, playful and even gastronomic point of view. For example, we can enjoy the food, the landscapes and everything that wraps that historical figure.

Charles V, a figure with multiple perspectives …

I’ve approached to his figure with respect, and the more I’ve known it, I’ve assumed more risks. For example, to understand why he did things that he did, the reason of State and his decisions. Thus, from the construction of his sufferings, I was able to understand the statesman who was the emperor. Moreover, I have to admit that I felt very comfortable embodying that role.

As much or more as for the route that runs from Laredo to Yuste, as full of diversity as of proposals …

We can’t compare the way of traveling at that time, with all the entourage that the emperor dragged: weather, difficulties…; and especially, the vicissitudes that happened to him, such as that attack as a result of the intake of some herrings in poor condition, to give an example.

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