Juan Gea Los caminos del emperador Carolus V Emperor

Interview with Juan Gea, from ‘The Emperor’s paths’

The Valencian actor plays the role of the Count of Oropesa, Fernando Álvarez de Toledo

Juan Gea plays the role of Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, count of Oropesa, in The emperor’s paths. Gea has a long and solid career in film, theater and television since he made his debut back in 1980. Now, he plays a role that has given him a lot, as he recognizes.

And now, Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, count of Oropesa. One more role…

A new format, I would say, because it’s about participating in a new format, like a documentary mixed with fiction; telling the story and living it as such. But the most important thing, and what fills me with pride, is having participated in the beginning of a new format.

In which life of emperor’s is covered …

That is another thign to resalte: the opportunity to shoot and live the real scenarios where his life developed. Something that ensures, practically, the work.

Juan Gea Los caminos del emperador Carolus V Emperor

Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, we said earlier. How does an actor like Juan Gea get into a character of that historical stature?

Friend, counselor and consultant of Carlos V, has allowed me to know more about the history. And it is much more interesting to learn about one or more characters with series such as The Emperor’s paths, which teach you much more thanks to its rigor. And in my case, after participating in a series such as The Ministry of Time, I reinforce this opinion.

A series that also helps to know places that should be known more, such as those that make up this network of routes, for example.

In fact, there are many places that aren’t sufficiently known, as is the case of those that we have covered at the time of recording this series. It’s true that we are all lazy when it comes to going to this or that place, but seeing the sites by yourself is something that fills. Therefore, I recommend the spectator to visit them after seeing the episodes of the series.

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