Mojados, the meeting between two brothers, between two emperors

Few places in the world can presume of being point of meeting between two emperors, although neither of them knew at that moment that they would be it

Mojados, in the province of Valladolid, is known for an episode that makes this villa very special: it served as a meeting place between two emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, the future Charles V and his successor and brother, Ferdinad I.

The prince Charles embarked course to Spain in 1517 with the firm intention to be crowned king of Castile. After touring part of the Cantabrian mountain range and part of the plateau, he came to Tordesillas, where he met his mother.

But before reaching Valladolid after leaving Tordesillas, he stopped at Mojados, where he had the opportunity to meet a boy of barely fourteen years old – four years younger than him – named Ferdinand; that was his brother. About who enforced his role of firstborn and inheritance rights to inherit the kingdoms that corresponded. Also, his desire was to send him out of Castile and entrust him with the government of other Central European kingdoms.


Mojados, villa of two emperors

Accordingly, and without knowing it, two emperors face to face, two men called to have power in their hands, and also the fate of millions of people.

A villa, Mojados, which year after year recalls that episode in a series of days -Mojados, heart of an empire-, that this year will be celebrated in July, and whose content you have an advance in this video:

Also, don’t forget that you can enjoy a a museum dedicated to the figure of Emperor Charles V that you can visit at any time of the year, and from which you can learn more details in this video that comes next:

Mojados, a meeting place for two emperors 😊

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