Mojados, heart of an empire

You have an appointment the first weekend with this historical recreation

Mojados witnessed the meeting between two emperors in 1517, a moment that is recreated every year in Mojados (Valladolid). This year you will have the opportunity to attend it during the first month of July.

More than 300 people participate in a historical recreation in Mojados that, year after year, recalls the encounter between two of the greatest personalities of the XVI century: Emperor Charles I of Spain and V of Germany, and his brother Fernando, who replaced him in the throne of the Holy Roman Empire.

Historical recreation

It is an event that attracts the attention of thousands of people year after year; and that, in addition of that historical recreation, you can also enjoy activities such as a Renaissance market, vintage dances, street entertainment, theater with amateur actors, and the recreation of a legend-laden encounter, such as’ Mojados, heart of an empire. ‘

Historical recreation that gathers the aforementioned meeting, and witnessed by Leonor, sister of Carlos and Fernando, and Adriano de Utrecht, preceptor of Charles V and future Pope of Rome.


Recreation that we invite you to meet in person. For that you only have to reserve a few days to enjoy it in Mojados. And to open your mouth, here we leave you this video in which you can appreciate that historical recreation with all its details:


What do you think of the proposal? That there are not many places that can boast of having been a meeting place for two emperors. And one of them is Wet. So, you know, book the first weekend of July to enjoy one of the most interesting historical recreations that make up our routes. And if you then visit the museum that they have dedicated there to the Emperor Charles V, better than better!

We will wait for you!

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