Proposal for this summer: Elbe-Elster region

In this German region is located the city of Mühlberg

Nothing better than a little cool to spend the summer and escape the heat of the months of July and August. The proposal that we bring today is the German region of Elba-Esther, where you can find the city of Mühlberg. There, the Emperor Charles V lived his greatest day of glory.

The region -the Germans call it district- of Elbe-Elster is to the south of the federal state of Brandenburg, and in it a city stands out above all others: Mühlberg; city ​​in which the Emperor Charles V lived a day that gave him eternal glory.

A place to enjoy

Undoubtedly. With more than 60,000 hectares dedicated to forests and about 3,100 hectares occupied by water in the form of rivers – the most important, the Elbe – and others such as the Kleine (small) Elster and the Schwarze (black) Elster, it stands out for its offer of natural and cultural leisure. And for lovers of cycling, just over 280 kilometers that make up a network of marked natural trails to explore both by bike and on foot.

A lot of history

And history, a lot of history. Not in vain, in Mülhberg the famous battle took place that takes its name on April 24 th of 1547, after which the emperor Carlos V exclaimed that of :»I came, I saw and God won».

Apart from being a place whose oldest human occupation lived in the area between the years 12,000 and 9,000 BC, some of which can be observed near the Black Elster, it is worth visiting the Mühlberg Museum 1547, a member of our route; although it would not hurt to do so well either by the Bad Liebenwerdaer German Puppet Theater Museum or by the Doberlug Castle Museum.

And if you want to know more about this region, take a look at its website. And if you want to meet her, enjoy this region and also your trip!

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