Feel like an emperor this summer in La Vera!

More than forty natural gorges and several historical-artistic groups await you

The election of La Vera by the Emperor Charles V to withdraw from this world continues to arouse controversy. What is clear is that it is a proposal to spend a few days of vacation this summer that you should not let fall into oblivion.

Place of imperial retreat, an explosion of nature and cobblestone streets and picturesque places to get lost. All that and much more is the Caceres region of La Vera.

rampa yuste red de rutas europeas emperador Carlos V

In the northeast of that province, lying on the southern slope of the Sierra de Gredos and with the river Tiétar flowing in parallel, La Vera is a melting pot of colors, a harmony of flavors, a set of silences, a respite and an enjoyment for the senses.

Water gorges everywhere

We are talking, possibly, of the region with the most water gorges in the entire Iberic Peninsula. Alardos, Minchones, Gualtaminos, Rooms… Almost one every four kilometers. A paradise to be enjoyed and refreshed now that the heat lashes without mercy.

Ruta del Emperador Carlos V Itinera Carolus V

Historical-artistic sets

But La Vera is also tradition and architecture, villages that preserve the atmosphere of yesteryear, where it almost seems that time has stopped. Five, nothing less: Cuacos de Yuste, Garganta La Olla, Pasarón de La Vera, Valverde de la Vera and Villanueva de la Vera. Dreamlike places, cobblestone streets that whisper stories, that hide jealously guarded moments.

And since you’re in the Vera, you can not leave without visiting the German Cemetery of Cuacos de Yuste, where the German soldiers who lost their lives in Spanish territory during the First and Second World Wars are buried; nor even without visiting the Emperor’s last home, the Monastery of Yuste, and breathing there an almost eternal silence.

And without trying the typical dishes of the area seasoned with paprika, and without …

There are so many things to do in La Vera …! Are you coming this summer? 😊

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