Proposal for this summer: Mühlberg

In the vicinity of this small German city Charles V won his most legendary victory

Mülhberg is a place worth visiting, but not only because the victory that gave more glory to Emperor Charles V was developed in its surroundings, but for everything it has to offer, which is a lot.

The Elbe seemed impassable. On one bank, the troops of the Emperor Charles V. On the other, those of John Frederick of Saxony, which they had been pursuing for months. And everything happened there, in Mühlberg. Eleven soldiers forded the river putting their lives in danger and a villager indicated to the imperial troops a step so that the cavalry could do it with ease. The rest is history. I came, I saw and I conquered God, who said the emperor after that summit in his life.


At present, Mülhberg is a small locality of the district Elbe-Elster, in the southwest of Brandenburg, to borders of the Elbe river; and that is mentioned in the books for the first time in the year 704. And a place to enjoy a lot of castles around it. Not in vain, it is considered as the heart of the Land of Castles of Thuringia; and that it received the status of commercial city in 1242.

A place to enjoy the tranquility and nature, and also its architecture. In this sense, you should not miss the castle that gives its name to the city -it tells the legend that it was built in 319, although its oldest parts date back to the 12th century-, nor does the church of San Lucas -of which there is already mention in the year 726. However, the current church is from the year 1300, when it was conceived as a fortified church-.

And since you’re in Mühlberg, do not miss a visit to the museum that remembers the already mythical battle !, and from which we leave here an advance:

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