Proposal for this summer: San Severo

A legend tells that it was the Greek hero Diomedes who founded it with the name of Castrum Drionis

San Severo is one of the jewels of our routes. In addition to being a promoter of a large number of activities related to the Emperor Charles V that take place in southern Italy, it is a place full of charm and history. We present it to you.

The first thing to say is that San Severo is a place with history, with a lot of history. There have been traces of several Neolithic settlements, although it was not until the year 1000, and thanks to the influx of pilgrims to a primitive church dedicated to Saint Nicorino Severino, when one can speak of a first population nucleus in the area. Villa that Emperor Charles V visited in 1534, and from that visit there are numerous exhibitions and representations, all of them promoted by the Luigi L’Einaudi Center.

A visit to San Severo

On a visit to San Severo it is essential to take a walk around the Cathedral of Santa María Assunta, which preserves splendid 18th century paintings and baroque marbles; the Church of Carmen, crowned with a ceramic dome, in addition to those of San Lorenzo, La Piedad or San Francisco, which houses the civic museum of San Severo.

If you want to make a visit by parties, here we give you this link. Of course, pay attention because the information is in Italian. And if you want to get a better idea, here is this video:

Food and drink

And since it is in San Severo, it would be a sin for you to leave here without tasting a good pizza and any of the delights of both Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, which here fuse to make up dishes that are an explosion of colors and flavors.

What do you think of the proposal?

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