Carlos V prepares his landing in Laredo

Laredo will once again become a thriving Renaissance village from September 16th to 22nd

Hardly a month remains for Laredo (Cantabria) to relive the visit of the Emperor Charles V, in whose port he disembarked on his way to his final retreat in Yuste. Six days full of activities that you shouldn’t miss.

From August 16th to 22nd, Laredo will return to the 16th century. Six days in which the Cantabrian village will decorate establishments and facades according to the uses of the time to evoke the splendor of what was one of the most important ports of Castile.

A program of activities that is full of activities, among which the tournaments of the period stand out, a parade and, above all, the staging of the arrival of Emperor Charles V. Events in which the association El Palenque, member of our routes, has a prominent role.

Desembarco Carlos V Laredo 2019

Beach of Salvé

All the events take place in an impressive palisade arranged in the Playa de la Salvé, equipped with bleachers to accommodate nearly 5,000 people; and also the crowd is the Emperor’s Dinner, with old-style menus cooked for about 800 diners.
Consequently, a party that goes into all corners of the town thanks to the Renaissance market arranged in it during the days of celebration, and the variety of artistic street performances that develop without stopping from September 16th to 22th.

Consequently, six days to enjoy Laredo and the time of Emperor Charles V, and from which you can get an idea by taking a look at this video that summarizes the activities developed last year:

Do you dare to live the Emperor Charles landing in Laredo live?

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