llegada Carlos V Tazones Carolus V Emperor

The best videos of the landing of the future Charles V in Tazones and his walk through Villaviciosa

Thousands of people gathered in both villages to pay a warm tribute to the future Emperor Charles V

Thousands of people gathered in the fishing port and the beach of Tazones, as well as in its streets, and the next day in Villaviciosa. Two days full of ambient activities that we review below in the following videos.

The XXXIX Disembarkation of the future emperor Carlos V in Tazones once again attracted hundreds of visitors and locals who attended the shows held both in the port and on the beach of that Asturian town.

From early in the morning it was possible to enjoy the dances run by the Cultural Association El Palenque de Laredo (Cantabria), as well as a falconry show on the beach by the Águilas of Valporquero and. Acts that arrived at its zenith at 7:30 pm with the already traditional landing of the future emperor, embodied on one more occasion by Victor Berros, and the subsequent reception that the authorities and neighbors and visitors of Tazones paid him. This video is a summary of the acts lived on Saturday, August 24th in Tazones.

Arrival to Villaviciosa

The next day, the future emperor walked through the streets of Villaviciosa, where he received the affection of thousands of people waiting for his passage. A medieval market installed in the immediate vicinity of the House of the Hevia – a place where he stayed on arrival at the villa in 1517, and recognized as an Interpretation Center attached to this Route Network -, music by Acibreira (video below) ), filled the streets of Villaviciosa with heat and heat.

A day, finally, full of animation and that served to remember an event that, year after year, increasingly attracts more and more people.

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