Cultural Days of Charles V at Laredo

They will be held from September 12 to 26 in the Cantabrian town

Laredo already prepares his traditional landing of Charles V, which recalls that made by the emperor on September 26th, 1556. On this occasion, the municipality of Laredo has organized a cultural days that will include two plays, a concert, two documentaries and a screening of children’s cinema.

The municipality of Laredo organizes for the third consecutive year its Cultural Days of Charles V, which will take place from September 12nd to 16th.

Scheduled activities

Thus, the scheduled shows include the representation of two works framed in two regional and national programs: the Pro Scene —starring the Young Classics company of Malaga, which will present the play A Secret Offense, Secret Revenge, by Calderón de la Barca, day 19th—; and Caminos Escena Norte, a project of professional companies in northern Spain. The play will be Bojiganga, from the Teatro del Cuervo, on the 26th.

Previously, on Thursday 12nd and Tuesday 17th, the five chapters of the documentary Charles V: the paths of the emperor, a TVE documentary series partially filmed in Laredo, will be screened in two parts; and the same 17th will be screened the children’s animation film Elcano and Magallanes, based on the epic of the first circumnavigation.

Also noteworthy is the concert of the Chamber Choir of Madrid and the Ensemble La Danserye, which will star on Saturday a performance under the title of The Emperor’s song with the music that accompanied him throughout his life, as well as the People of his time.

Remember that all activities are free and free of charge until the available capacity is completed.

SOURCE: Europa Press

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