Our route network, in the Advisory Board of the Royal Theater of Madrid

During the meeting the parallel activities programmed by this institution have been discussed, among other topics

Our route network, represented by its director-manager, Quintín Correas, was present at the last meeting of the Advisory Council of the Royal Theater of Madrid, in which topics such as programming for this and next season have been addressed, as well as the parallel activities to develop.

Quintín Correas, director-manager of the Route Cooperation Network of Emperor Charles V, attended the meeting of the Advisory Council of the Royal Theater of Madrid on the morning of September 25th, of which he is a member together with prestigious institutions and organizations of the Prado Museum, National Archaeological Museum, Naval Museum, National Library, Cervantes Institute, Circle of Fine Arts, García Lorca Foundation, Juan March Foundation, Student Residence, British Council, in addition to other personalities such as journalist Iñaki Gabilondo, among others, They do it in a private way.

During the meeting was exposed the programming of the Royal Theater for this season and also for the next. Similarly, were discussed the parallel activities that were organized in collaboration with different institutions, such as the one programmed with the Emperor Charles V Routes Cooperation Network, with the invitation to the two concerts held at the Royal Monastery of Yuste on September 21st and October 6th, as well as the visit to that Monastery; activity that has been received with great success, as was observed in the one carried out on September 21st.

Consequently, a relationship, the one established with the Royal Theater, which reinforces the collaborative identity of our network of routes, and that will result in new activities for the coming months.

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