Historical recreations: an upward phenomenon

They generate an important economic impact in the places that develop them

There are many historical recreations that we can enjoy in this network of routes, and all of them have something in common apart from Emperor Charles V: their economic impact in the places where they develop.

To start, the data. Studies such as that carried out by the Cultural Management Research Group of the European University Miguel de Cervantes de Valladolid estimated not long ago that the economic impact that can reach a figure close to five million euros, as with the historical recreation that is celebrates in Medina del Campo year after year to commemorate the passage of Emperor Charles V through that town.

Desembarco Carlos V en Laredo

Thus, there are many, varied and important ones that are developed in our network of routes: from those that have the emperor himself as the protagonist, both to commemorate his first trip to the Peninsula and at the time of his final withdrawal ―landing in Tazones and Laredo, steps through Medina de Pomar, Valdestillas or Medina del Campo, Tornavacas and Jarandilla de la Vera―, such as those that focus on a specific aspect or exalt a fact related to the time of the emperor ―Pistonieri de Santa Maria Del Rovo in Cava de’Tirreni (Italy), Stroppendragers (Ghent) or Ommegang (Brussels)―.

Economic and cultural impact

These are events that allow the localities that generate them to develop a dynamic process from both a social and cultural point of view and, most important of all: economic, with activities that run in parallel with the event, in the case of Renaissance markets o activities related to the recreation itself; and touristics, because they are events that become powerful speakers of their traditions and roots that reach an increasing number of people both in their surroundings and away from these localities.

In short, a trend with a long life ahead. And well we celebrate it!

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