Jarandilla de la Vera is now ready to receive Emperor Charles V

A medieval market, theatrical performances, musical performances and a historical representation of the arrival of the emperor in the village, some of the activities already scheduled

Jarandilla de la Vera will receive Emperor Carlos V again on the weekend of November 15th to 17th, as he did on November 12nd, 1556. For this reason, the municipality of Jarandilla de la Vera has prepared a program of activities instead of completing it to honor him.

Three days full of activities will be what Jarandilla de la Vera (Cáceres) will dedicate to the reception of Emperor Charles V. Three days in which recreational activities will take place while the town is decorated to receive the emperor, a fact that will be remembered on Saturday November 16th with a historical recreation of the reception dedicated to his figure in 1556.

Cultural events

The cultural events will begin on Friday 15th at 18:00, with the performance of the students of the IES Jaranda and the students of the Intergenerational Classroom; they will continue at 19:00 with the performance of the group ‘For the love of art’ on the stage next to the medieval-Renaissance market; they will continue with a conference from 20:00 by the Cultural Association ‘El Palenque’, of Laredo, which will conduct a fashion show at the time of the emperor —and that will continue the next day from 12: 00 with a trade camp of the time in the Parador gardens—; and they will finish on the 16th, with the talk Luis Méndez de Quijada: remembrances of Jarandilla de la Vera, by Víctor Fernández Correas.

Historical recreation

It will be on Saturday when Jarandilla de la Vera pays the welcome it deserves to the emperor after 17:30, with the departure of the villagers from the Plaza de la Constitución accompanied by minstrels and troubadours moorish; and the reception to the emperor, which will take place an hour later at the national tourist hostel; and a route of the wineries, through the streets near the square, in which the participants will make small representations along the route, starting at 7:30 p.m.

Finally, on Sunday 17th, from 11:00, the play ‘The King Tiburcio in search of a girlfriend‘ will be represented, by the group ‘Las tablas’, and then a mass will be performed accompanied by the emperor himself ; to finish the events scheduled at 1:00 pm with the concert The Emperor’s Song. The music of Charles V and the people of his time, in the parish of Our Lady of the Tower.

It should also be remembered that, from Friday until Sunday 17th, a medieval-Renaissance market with crafts and gastronomy will remain open to the delight of all attendees.

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