Mühlberg is already preparing his last theatrical visit dedicated to Emperor Charles V

It will be on Sunday, December 8th

How about a trip to Mühlberg, Germany, to attend the last theatrical visit of the year? As a matter of fact, Germany is beautiful in those last weeks of the year. What do you think about the proposal?

Mülhberg is a special place in the life of Emperor Charles V. There, he won his most famous victory on April 24th, 1547. And in that city of the district of Elbe-Ester, on the banks of the Elbe River —80 kilometers from Leipzig—, you can enjoy the last of the theatrical visits scheduled for this year that is about to end.

In this case, after 12:00 you will have the opportunity to attend a theatrical visit in the museum that recalls the battle. Perhaps these images encourage you to attend that last recreation in person that day.

Why not? Do you not know how beautiful Germany is at Christmas, with its traditional markets, its lighting and Christmas decoration? You can’t miss an occasion like this!

Permanent exhibition

Also, if you cheer up to take this step, you can also recreate yourself with a permanent exhibition divided into three parts, which offers a vision of the battle from different perspectives. To which we must add another permanent exhibition that will be inaugurated in May and will be entitled De Waterloo to Wilhelm II; exhibition that will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of Mühlberg during the 19th century.

And to give you an idea of ​​what awaits you there, and if you haven’t had enough with the photos, pay attention to the following video. We are convinced that you will love it!

In short, a plan that will allow you to know the place where Emperor Charles V won his most famous victory.

What do you think about the proposal? 🙂

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