Enjoy now routes related to Emperor Charles V!

They are proposals that combine tourism, winemaking or gastronomy

Did you know that now you can also enjoy the life and time of Emperor Charles V with experiences that will fill your senses? Now you have at your disposal routes such as the Emperor’s passage through the Wine of Rueda, so you can experience the same as him and live that route to the fullest.

A-6 Route Travel is an agency that has launched a series of routes related to Emperor Charles V, which have the approval of our network, with a very clear purpose: that you enjoy a complete experience related to those places by those that Emperor Charles V passed.

Rueda Wine Route

In this sense, you can already enjoy a route that recalls the passage of Emperor Carlos V along the Rueda Wine Route. Therefore, you have two proposals at your disposal that, we are convinced, will be to your liking:

  • The first is a dive of a weekend of duration on that route to enjoy the passage of Emperor Charles V through it. In that period you can visit Valdestillas, Medina del Campo and Mojados, taking a tour of the streets of these municipalities in the province of Valladolid. In this way, you can feel the atmosphere left by the emperor and his court as they passed through that places. Also, the route has a series of activities to suit everyone, so that you can enjoy with family, couples, friends, or as you really want.


What do you think about the proposal? If you want to feel like Emperor Charles V himself, you know what you have to do 😊

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