Theater to combat depopulation

Pasarón de la Vera designs a tourist product related to the illegitimate son of Emperor Charles V to combat depopulation

There are ways to combat depopulation. One of them is the one proposed by Pasarón de la Vera, a municipality that is part of our route network. All starts with a legend…

The legend of Magdalena is the starting point of the initiative launched in Pasarón de la Vera (Cáceres) to combat depopulation. The objective of the Cultural Association La Magdalena de Pasarón is to develop a tourist product around the legend of the supposed love relationship that Jeromín, the future Don Juan of Austria and illegitimate son of Emperor Charles V, with Magdalena, a young woman from the location.


The first step in the implementation of that product is the edition of the book The Legend of Magdalena, based on a play, and its presentation to the media; project for which a crowdfunding campaign has been launched. You can collaborate in different ways in this campaign and there are several rewards for people who decide to do so.

3.000 euros are needed for the edition of the book, which is intended to be obtained with that campaign; and with 4,500 the presentation event could be held at the Palace of the Counts of Osorno, in Pasarón de la Vera. The date that the organizers handle for this is July 10th, 2020.


The last step would be the staging of the legend back in 2021 taking as an example the representations of Zalamea. The purpose: to turn the Legend of Magdalena into a reference event in Extremadura and Spain.

SOURCE: Diario La Vera


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