Discover the Cantabrian route of Emperor Charles V

A route full of charm and places full of history that impress and fall you in love at the same time

How about discovering the Cantabrian route of Emperor Charles V? A route that has everything to fall you in love with and to force you to return once and a thousand times. There are so many things to discover that you will need several visits to get to know each of its corners.

The Cantabrian route of Emperor Charles V is special. For everything it offers you. And it is so much what it offers you…

Laredo, Colindres, Limpias, Ampuero, Rasines, Ramales de la Victoria... From that first, one of the main ports of the Crown of Castile throughout the Middle and Modern Age, until that last village, where the battle of Guardamino took place, in which General Espartero defeated the Carlist army of General Maroto. Ramales de la Victoria, an enclave full of caves —about 4,000 are cataloged in this area of ​​the nearly 9,000 that exist in Cantabria— and famous for its archaeological sites and prehistoric paintings in caves such as Covalanas or La haza.

The Emperor’s Last Love

Colindres, a place related to Barbara Blomberg, the last love of Emperor Charles V, and mother of Jeromín, the future Juan of Austria, offers wonderful views of the ría, on which the Treto Bridge is built, inspired by designs of Gustave Eiffel’s Academy.

While Limpias and Ampuero offer a natural environment that captivates the senses, and in which you will enjoy everything around you.

Limpias Carolus V Emperor

And if we have not been able to summarize everything the route is capable of offering, pay attention to this video. It has everything to catch you and invite you to travel every point of that route:

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