In Brussels… the Carolus Festival

From May to September, the capital of Europe offers you a complete calendar of activities. It’s necessary to stand out the celebration of Ommegang

The Carolus Festival offers a series of events that will allow you to travel to the Renaissance, in addition to enjoying events related to Emperor Charles V. Brussels has many reasons to be enjoyed, and that festival is one of the most important.

Three months: from May to September. Three months full of activities designed for the whole family in which Brussels returns to the time of the Renaissance. And it does it by the hand of one of his most illustrious neighbors: Emperor Charles V.

Ommegang 2018 Red de Rutas del Emperador Carlos V

If you think that it is enough, or that you need to soak up all the possible information, here we leave you access to the official website of this festival.
But if you accept more recommendations, then you must read.

Activities for the whole family

We have selected these three activities that, we are convinced, will be to your liking:

· Ommegang Festival: on Wednesday 1st and Friday, July 3rd, you can relive the procession organized by Brussels to receive the emperor and his son, the future Felipe II, in 1549. More than 1,400 participants  —musicians, singers, dancers, uniformed guards…— that will make you relive the Renaissance atmosphere.

Ommegang 2018 Red de Rutas del Emperador Carlos V

· Mini map: a complete immersion in the 16th century from a map on demand. An activity you should not miss!

· Family Day: another immersion in the Brussels of sixteenth century, in this occasion at Coudenberg, the palace that served as residence for Emperor Charles V in Brussels. A day to enjoy, have fun, dress up, enjoy cooking workshops, games, music initiation, guided tours… Everything to enjoy with friends or family!

Brussels awaits you this year. Don’t miss the opportunity!

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