The network of routes Charles V, in the promotional video of the Cultural Routes of Spain

The video emphasizes the values ​​of each of the routes that make them up, as well as their identity and characteristics

The Cultural Networks of Spain have presented their new promotional video in which our network of routes takes part, and which highlights the cultural offer of Spain, its customs and traditions, as well as those of each of the routes that compose this spanish network of routes.

The new video of the Cultural Routes of Spain, entity covered by Turespaña and composed of Prehistoric Rock Art Trails, Vía de la Plata Route, Way of El Cid, Caminos of Passion and our network of routes, lasts about two minutes and reviews the main landmarks of each of those routes, as well as its most prominent milestones in terms of traditions, cuisine and culture. In addition, the video pays special attention to history, one of the most important leitmotives that drive this network of routes.

A video that summarizes the soul of each of those routes and that allows the viewer to capture its essence through images that convey the flavor of these routes, in addition to inviting the visitor to visit them at any time of the year.

Here you can watch the video. You just have to click to start viewing it:

Cultural Routes of Spain

It should be remembered that the Cultural Routes of Spain bring together a large part of the cultural and heritage offer in the form of those five routes, which cross the country’s geography. But, in addition, they are a clear exponent of its history, because they cover some of its most significant historical periods: from prehistory, through the Roman period, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque.


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