The treasures of Rasines (2)

We offer you a series of activities that will allow you to enjoy Rasines and its wonderful natural environment

Last week we showed you some of Rasines’ natural and architectural treasures, but it also has others just as interesting as those already we’ve show you. If you want to meet them, you just have to keep reading.

We propose you three activities to enjoy Rasines and its natural environment. Do you feel like enjoying them? Let’s go!

Route ‘Picón del Carlista’

It is a hiking trail of medium-high difficulty for hikers and visitors used to the mountains and steep routes. We recommend you previously consult any questions about the state of the route, terrain, etc., with the technicians of the regional tourism office.

Mountain march ‘Ascent to the balcony of the Cerreo and Rasines Trail’

We are talking about two of the most important sports-tourism events that the municipality celebrates throughout the year, and that gather a large number of participants and runners. The first is a mountain march with great tradition that takes place in August and has a large influx of people. In both cases, a registration with cost is required.

Route of the Hermitages

This route covers a good amount of the towns and neighborhoods of Rasines, always taking as reference the road the various hermitages that exist in the municipality. This route is recommended to do it by bicycle, although it can be done on foot during a whole day.

What hermitages can you visit? The following:

· In Rocillo, the hermitage of San Esteban, from the 13th century.
· In Cereceda, that of San Martín from the 15th century.
· In the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, the Hermitage of San Juan and the ruins of a convent.
· In Ojebar, the Church of San Sebastián, from the 16th century and somewhat later, leaving behind the town, the hermitage of Santa Ana.
· In Villaparte, the hermitage of San Roque in a meadow.
towards the Cave of the valley, there is the hermitage of Villasomera and a beautiful set of houses.

More information: telephone 942 64 65 04


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