Do you want to know better the museum that Mojados has dedicated to emperor Charles V?

Inaugurated on November 11th, 2017, this museum has thematic areas dedicated to the emperor

November 11th is an important date for Mojados (Valladolid). Not surprisingly, that day in 1517 there was a meeting between two brothers, Carlos and Fernando. For that reason, that town can proudly say that two emperors met there, which is not within the reach of many more.

To know better the this museum, Mojados, we’ve asked the tourism technician of its town hall, Pilar Rodríguez, to tell you more details about what you can find there.

To start the visit, this is a historical museum based on participatory museology that dedicate a special focus on futurism. In this way, there you will find augmented reality, interactive, audiovisual and its own app to learn playing with it contents.

“A life-size hyperrealistic figure of Charles V welcomes you yo the museum. In addition, you can also find period costumes that go back to the 16th century, and models of the municipality in 1517 that amaze with their great artistic level. In short, «unique future, art and tradition in our equipment for use and enjoyment by all audiences,» explains that technician.

Thematic areas

The museum has three thematic areas:

· ‘Life and ceremonial’, dedicated to the figure of Charles of Habsburg and his genealogy, inheritance and the colonization of the empire. In this area you can investigate the composition of the shield of the future emperor, the most outstanding historical facts of his career, and how it was the ceremonial lived at court in the 16th century. «Consequently, a journey of his life in images from his birth in the year 1500 until his death in 1558», adds Pilar Rodríguez.

· ‘Sixteenth century’ places you in the time when the monarch lived. In this area you can learn about the form of government through the Councils, society and economy, parties and most important hobbies of Charles V such as gastronomy or hunting. «We will take a tour of men’s and women’s fashion and, finally, we will see the arts and sciences that Charles V was excited about, such as astronomy, together with his passion for watches,» says that tourism technician.

The third area describes the emperor’s most prominent facets: the warrior and traveler that it was Charles. It provides you with a walk through its great battles and enemies, as well as its main trips to Spain. «On these trips. we make a» mandatory stop» on his first trip to Castilla, in the municipality of Mojados, to learn all the information related to ‘The meeting of the Habsburgs‘, a historical re-enactment held there during the first weekend of July ” remarks Pilar Rodríguez.

A great attraction

A great tourist and cultural attraction for the municipality, which reveals the history and characters that have passed through it.

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