We’ll be back again

We will be together again, to enjoy our people, our activities, our network of routes

It’s not a question of transmitting a positive message, but of a reality: after this nightmare called COVID-19, we will return to enjoy everything that we enjoyed before. It will take a while, but we will do it again.

«We’ll be back, we’ll be back, we’ll be back again…» sing some football fans in their stadiums or outside them to gloss over glories that were and are convinced they will be again. Glories that are enjoyed, that are savoured until there is no longer a drop of them left.

Carolus V emperor

It is worth that simile to tell you, from this network of routes, that we will also return, that we will return again. In fact, we continue to work in the shadow and in silence so that it will be so as soon as that painful nightmare called COVID-19 takes its claws away from us, after being defeated.

Ommegang 2018 Red de Rutas del Emperador Carlos V

It is then that we will return to enjoy LIFE in capital letters. Because that’s what life is, like a big stage of theatre. It is the time of tragedy, and as such we must avoid being its protagonists, wait for it to play its role and leave as soon as possible carrying with it the trail of death and desolation it has caused. Only then, when that pandemic called COVID-19 is no more than that, a nightmare to forget, will we again enjoy the company of our people, their laughter, their warmth, their joy. It will be the time for comedy, of their laughter, of their joy; and always remembering those who are no longer with us, those whom that pandemic has so painfully taken away from us.

Presentación Festival Carolus Red de rutas del Emperador

And we will do it again because we deserve it. Everyone, but especially the people on our roads, are strong; people who are used to fighting, to not letting themselves be won so easily, to never stop believing. We will return because we deserve it, but also because we are willing to enjoy everything again with even more intensity than before: our historical recreations, our meetings, our activities. Of all of us, in short.

Red de rutas Europeas Carlos V

Meanwhile, #StayAtHome, because we will defeat COVID-19. And it will be soon, very soon. 😉


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