Soon you’ll watch sunrises like this again on our route network

Moments that we will all experience again soon. Be confident and patient

Dawn is one of those moments that remain imprinted in the eyes. And at route of networks of emperor Charles V, we want to give you some of them. We just ask for a little patience to enjoy them again on your own.

Sunrise and sunset are those two great moments of the day full of symbolism. It’s the birth and the death, a canvas to be painted with the colors we want, with the shapes we want, with the characters, things and ideas we want to incorporate into our lives; and also the summary of what it was and what is leaving to never come back.

In this case, each sunrise is unique, tinged with those colors that make it so intense and imperishable to our eyes. And in our network of routes you can enjoy the kind of sunrises.

From dawns at the foot of the sea, when the first burst of daylight tears the sky to the east to show us the colours of what was once a single, dark veil, to those that can be seen by the mountain, with the morning breeze caressing your face as the light permeates everything around you.

In our network of routes you can enjoy sunrises at the foot of rivers that always sing the same verse but with different water; in plateaus as eternal as your soul, impossible to contain in a single glance; in towns and cities where the first light sets in motion the life that until then has remained dormant.

Dawns, in short, full of life, open windows to a life that is always about to be written. Soon you will be able to contemplate them again. We only ask you for a little more patience. Just a little, nothing more 😊

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