The street of the Kiss

You can find two in our network of routes: one in Aldeanueva de la Vera and another in Pasarón de la Vera

There are many towns and cities that have a street with that name, but the ones we bring you are part of the Aldeanueva de la Vera and Pasarón de La Vera street maps, members of this route network. If you want to take a look at these streets, just keep reading.

The kiss is something that is present in our culture, it is part of our identity. Therefore, it is normal to want to dedicate a street to it. That is what many places in our country do. Two of them are part of our network of routes, such as Aldeanueva de la Vera and Pasarón de la Vera.

In the case of Aldeanueva de la Vera, this street is also known as Callejilla Jiménez, but everyone knows it there as Street of Kiss. The Callejina has its explanation: its narrowness. So much so, that it is a few centimetres wider than the one considered the narrowest street in Spain, which you can find in the Jewish quarter of Hervás, and which we reproduce here by courtesy of the Facebook page ‘Memories of la Vera de Plasencia‘.

The other Street of Kiss can be found in Pasarón de la Vera, and legend has it that Jeromín, the bastard son of Emperor Charles V, and Magdalena, granddaughter of the local palace lords, could have kissed there. A street near this palace, and which they used for their purposes because Magdalena’s grandfather had forbidden them to see each other. Who knows if the Street of Kiss in Pasarón de la Vera is named after what happened there…

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