This summer 2020 come to our network of routes

Mountain, beaches, rest, nature… The network of routes of emperor Charles V offers you everything you need to achieve a real rest

Summer is just around the corner. An atypical summer, different from the usual one. However, the members of our route network are waiting for you with the usual enthusiasm. And they are eager to open their doors to you.

The COVID-19 hasn’t left yet, but we’re starting to break free from its bonds. And summer is coming.

Time to rest, to relax. A rest that we have earned -all of us- after hard, very hard months. In some cases, terrible ones.

The pain has been great, and his wound has not yet healed. In the memory remain those who left and those we could not say goodbye to as they deserved.

But summer is here. A summer unlike any we have ever known in our lives.

A summer in which we will still not be able to embrace our loved ones, nor kiss them, but enjoy their company, their warmth.

And what better way to do this than to enjoy the surroundings that the towns and cities of our route network offer us.

You have it all: sea, mountains, nature, tradition, history… All this and much more is what you will find in each of the places that make up our network.

Dream places full of history, mysticism, legends, mystery, silence, peace, recollection, life to be lived.

Spaces that these months have been empty of your warmth and that now want to see you walk through its streets, lose yourself in its forests, caress the sand of its beaches, watch the sun set on its bends.

Would you like to enjoy life again?

Would you like to spend the summer of 2020 in our route network? 😊

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