This summer 2020, Mojados awaits you

Mojados has everything to become one of your choices this summer. Even a museum dedicated to Emperor Charles V!

25 kilometers from Valladolid in the direction of Madrid is Mojados. A town where you can find two beautiful churches that, at first sight, might seem similar, but are not, among other things to admire.

A straight line of 8 kilometers that begins in Boecillo, and towards Madrid from Valladolid, is the entrance to Mojados. A town with a population of nearly 3,000 inhabitants and that can boast of being the meeting point between two emperors, because here, in 1517, was where they met two brothers who would eventually be: the Emperor Charles V and the person who would succeed him on the throne of the Holy Roman Empire, his brother Ferdinand. An event that is commemorated every year in the town, although this year the COVID-19 has prevented its celebration.

You can find out more about this event in the museum that Mojados dedicates to Emperor Charles V, where you can learn about details related to his life, travels, etc.

The jewels of Mojados

Likewise, in Mojados you can enjoy jewels such as the church of Santa María, Mudejar from the 14th century with renovations from the 15th; and the church of San Juan, also in the same style as the previous one, and which dates from the 13th-14th centuries. And a detail: because they are of the same make, they may seem the same, but they are not, as they offer completely different artistic values.

The one of San Juan has a nave with a pointed barrel vault and fajones, a cross with a groin vault and a main chapel with an oven vault. Its beautiful tower stands out, and the doorway with a pointed horseshoe arch.

Meanwhile, near Cega River, the Santa María chapel stands, larger than the previous one, with three naves with barrel vaults, and in the main chapel the same vault but pointed and with fajons. In this case, apart from the tower made of both stone and brick, a beautiful doorway with pointed archivolts stands out at its feet.

You shouldn’t miss other buildings of important artistic value on your visit to Mojados, such as the Town Hall, the Casa del Conde de la Patilla (Count of La Patilla’s house) and the bridge over the Cega, which is made up of six stone arches; and the Nuestra Señora de Luguillas hermitage, about three kilometres from the village on the road to Megeces. Baroque in style, it was built throughout the seventeenth century with a nave between buttresses covered with a barrel vault with lunettes.

Do you think this is enough reason to go to Mojados this summer?

Why don’t you come?

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