This summer 2020 Tordesillas awaits you

You will need several days to get to know the soul of Tordesillas, which is loaded with history

Tordesillas is Juana, the queen who couldn’t reign, the mother of Emperor Charles V. But Tordesillas is a place that caresses the Duero river, which always sings the same verse but with different water, which Gerardo Diego wrote.

Tordesillas is a never-ending look around you, a never-ending ecstasy with what you see, with what you hear. And there are so many and so many things… That you will not have enough with a few days. Tordesillas will force you to come back again and again.


You will have to go back to see its museums in detail, such as the Royal Monastery of Santa Clara, the first palace in the town built by Alfonso XI in 1340, and converted into a convent by his son Pedro I in 1363; the museum of the Encaje in Castile and Leon, installed in a 17th century mansion; the museum of San Antolín, a museum of sacred art with works by Juan de Juni, Pedro de Mena…; and the museum of the Treaty of Tordesillas, located in the houses of the same name, which is essential for learning about one of the most important treaties in history.


Many and varied: the Plaza Mayor, which is the central axis of the town; the bridge, whose pointing indicates a medieval origin, with its ten eyes; the wall, of which a tower has been preserved, the so-called ‘Torre de la Sila’, in the western part; and the Casas del Tratado.

A place full of history, but where you can enjoy its traditional Castilian cuisine, with roasted lamb or suckling pig and grilled meats, although you will also find a place for the new cuisine or international cuisine.

All this and much more is waiting for you in Tordesillas this summer 2020. With open arms.

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