This summer 2020, Cuacos de Yuste awaits you

At the foot of the Monastery of Yuste, in the heart of the La Vera region, it has everything to make you fall in love

Eat like an emperor, enjoy like an emperor, walk like an emperor, rest like an emperor. In Cuacos de Yuste you can feel like the emperor Charles V, as soon as you want.

Cuacos de Yuste can be your place of rest this summer 2020; a place of retreat -temporary in your case- just like Emperor Charles V did.

Declared ‘Picturesque Landscape’ in 1959, it is a place to enjoy with the five senses. Feel like his son Jeromín, who in time would be known as Don Juan de Austria, the hero of the battle of Lepanto, running through its streets as he did in his childhood; enjoying the square that now bears his name, or the Plaza Mayor, with its arcades and the Fountain of the Four Spouts in the centre.

Cuacos’ sinuous layout, with architecture that preserves its noble air, will allow you to enjoy its charm and essence. Its highland houses, made of masonry, adobe, wooden framework, represent the archetype of verata architecture, with its cantilevers and porticoed facades supported by wooden columns on a granite base.

But Cuacos is also its Plaza de la Fuente de los Chorros, its church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, with its magnificent 16th century organ made in Antwerp and brought to the Yuste Monastery.


And since we are talking about the Monastery of Yuste, don’t miss the exceptional view that can be enjoyed from the new viewpoint located above the monastery. A gift that will allow you to enjoy the construction, but also the exuberant nature that grows around it and extends to the confines of your gaze.

This #summer2020 you have a date with Cuacos de Yuste. Enjoy it responsibly!

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