This summer 2020 Ramales is waiting for you

A place surrounded by a nature that enraptures the senses

Ramales de la Victoria is one of those jewels in our network of routes that must be visited calmly to enjoy everything it has to offer. And what it offers you is a natural environment that satisfies the senses. To which we must add some of the best dishes of Cantabrian cuisine.

Ramales, whose land bathes the river Ansón, has a surname. And the surname is of the Victory. Now, from what battle does such a name come? Because if there is a victory it is because there had to be a war, or at least a battle. To know this, we must go back to 1839, in the throes of the First Carlist WarFirst Carlist War. In the Battle of Ramales, which took place between April and May 1539, the battle was fought on the side of Espartero’s troops, who defeated those of Carlist general Maroto. This victory earned General Espartero the title of Duke of Victory. This battle would forever mark the capital of the Upper Asón, which has been called “de la Victoria” ever since.


But, already in Ramales, it is worth to get lost in its urban area, where you can find a very well preserved popular architecture. Examples of what we say are glazed viewpoints and some Indian houses with beautiful gardens and fences. Of all of them, the palace of Revillagigedo (18th century) stands out.


No doubt, his great heritage. A virgin nature, exuberant and powerful at sight. To which its caves are added the group of caves located at the beginning of the century by Alcalde del Río. Among them, we can highlight those of Covalanas, La Haza, Cullalvera and Sotarriza, which have magnificent cave paintings.


We said before that Ramales de la Victoria stands out for its nature, and also for its gastronomy. Among the dishes that you can enjoy here are cream cheese, trout and salmon.

A place to make this #Summer2020 a true rest from all we have lived and are living.

SOURCE: Tourism in Cantabria


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