Day of activities at the Malaria Interpretation Centre

On Friday 11st September, the centre will receive a plaque certifying that it is a member of our route network

On Friday 11st September, the plaque accrediting membership of the Emperor Charles Route Network will be presented to the Malaria Interpretation Centre. All this will take place in a day in which it will be possible to learn more about the beginnings of this old anti-malarial clinic.

On Friday 11 September the plaque accrediting the Emperor Charles V Routes Network membership will be presented to the Interpretation Centre for Malaria. This presentation will be part of the day that the centre will be dedicating to publicizing its activities, and in which it will explain its evolution as a former anti-malaria clinic until the present day.


However, the conference to be held on Friday 11st September will be attended by eminent figures such as Doctor Pilar Mateo Herrero, who has travelled all over the world to face up to new scientific challenges; and Doctor in Biological Sciences from the Complutense University Balbina Fernández, an expert in malaria, a disease to which she devotes a large part of her research efforts. Not in vain has she researched the history of the fight against malaria in Spain during the 20th century, and more specifically the history of the anti-malarial clinic in Losar de la Vera, now converted into the Malaria Interpretation Centre; and with José Luis Mora Rozalén, an artist and aid worker from Elche and an expert on the reality of Africa, especially Senegal.

A day that will take place in this centre and with the security measures that exist in the current conditions. In short, it will be an essential day to learn more about a disease that continues to kill thousands of people around the world today.

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