Autumn 2020 in our Network of Routes

From 15:31 today, 22nd September, three months ahead of you to experience a unique season

Autumn is special. Its light, its colours, the smells it causes. A season that, in spite of everything, deserves to be lived with intensity. And in our Network of Routes you have all the elements, surroundings and facilities to do so.

Autumn is light. It is a unique light that transmits, that impregnates everything with colours that are impossible to enjoy at any time of the year. Autumn is softness, the softness of heat, already mitigated; it is the softness of the air, which brings intense, fresh and pleasant smells; it is the softness of the surroundings, impregnated with a melancholy that makes you want to get lost a thousand times.

Autumn is life, and as much or more life has to do with it than with the recently finished summer. However, a different life, more leisurely, that invites you to enjoy those smells, tastes and colours. And in our Network of Routes we offer you everything you need to enjoy a unique autumn, an autumn that will be recorded in the hard drive of your soul.

From immense forests, through banks caressed by the waters of such mythical rivers as the Duero or the Tajo, to mountains that cut their silhouette on clear skies, sometimes set on fire by the light of the sunset, other languid and loaded with a placidity that overwhelms and is enjoyed.

All this and much more is what the landscapes of our Network of Routes offer you. And although it is not the best time because of this pandemic that affects us, everything can be enjoyed and felt as always when we behave with responsibility and common sense.

The best way to experience autumn in our Network of Routes, don’t miss it and enjoy it in all its intensity!


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