Burgos, a new jewel in our network of routes

Emperor Charles V visited several times a city that has many reasons to make you fall in love

The city of Burgos, through the Society for the Promotion and Development of the City of Burgos, has become part of the European Cultural Itinerary of the Network of Routes of Emperor Charles V as a full member.

A little bit of history

A city very close to the Emperor Charles V. In fact, when he was already King of Castile, he visited it for the first time on 19 February 1520, entering it through the Gate of San Martín in the company of his entire entourage. An entry which, as can be read in the chronicles which summarise that visit, «that same night and the following ones, the streets were lit up with coloured lanterns, and during the other days, there were bullfights, jousts, reeds and banquets».

Cathedral of Burgos.

Later, the emperor, already as such, returned to Burgos in 1523 and 1524 -in this long stay, he frequently visited the works of the Cartuja de Miraflores and accelerated the fitting out of the open crypt under the central tomb-, to give his great-grandparents and founders a definitive rest; and also in 1527 -prolonging his stay until 1528- and in 1542, to visit the city for the last time in 1556, on his way to his final retreat in the Monastery of Yuste, in Cáceres.

A marvel

In every way. Because Burgos is not only its Gothic cathedral, which is a world heritage site, but also its gastronomy -increasingly recognised nationally and internationally- and it is also a walk through our origins as a species, which can be discovered in the Museum of Human Evolution, where some of the findings found in the nearby Atapuerca sites are on display; and without forgetting its castle and walls, located on the hill of San Miguel, 75 metres above the level of the city; nor the Arch of Santa María, one of the twelve ancient gates of access to the city.

Arch of Santa María.

A city that is already waiting for you. One more jewel in our network of routes.

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