The young people of Jarandilla de la Vera ‘take to the streets

In 2019, students from IES Jaranda participated in the historical recreation that recalls the arrival of Emperor Charles V in the town

To keep alive one of the most important historical recreations of our route network, but also to involve the youngest and the oldest in a task that allowed both. These were some of the challenges of ‘Take to the Streets’.

Every year Jarandilla de la Vera remembers the arrival of Emperor Carlos V -which took place on 11st November 1556- to the town with a series of events, the most important of which is a historical recreation in which an important group of jarandillanos and jarandillanas take part.

One of the challenges of the organizers for the edition held last year, in 2019, was to involve young and old in the design and development of all the details necessary to develop that recreation.

A process in which nearly thirty people, half of them students from Jaranda Secondary School, and elderly people from the local residences, collaborated in the design of the costumes and elements needed to make that recreation a success.

Thanks to the push of local institutions such as Adicover, a project was launched with the aim of involving both parties, which resulted in a synergy of knowledge and the desire to live among each other. The result was a historic recreation in which nearly 200 people participated – among them the students who took part in the initiative; and who with their energy and enthusiasm collaborated so that both the development of the whole process and the recreation itself captivated those present at the time of the recreation.

In this video you can see the whole process in detail:

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