Jarandilla de la Vera celebrates the arrival of Emperor Charles V in a virtual way

The City Council of Jarandilla has programmed activities that include historical recreations and talks

Jarandilla de la Vera is preparing to celebrate the arrival of Emperor Charles V, although this year in virtual format due to the COVID-19. The town council has prepared a series of activities in which part of the population will participate virtually.

The story goes that it was on 12th November 1556 that the Emperor Carlos V made his entry into the castle of Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, Count of Oropesa and cousin of the Duke of Alba who bore the same name, in Jarandilla de la Vera. And it is around this date that, on an annual basis, its town council programmes a calendar of activities, which includes a historical recreation recalling that moment.

As has happened with other historical recreations held throughout our network of routes, this year there will also be one that reminds us of the arrival of the emperor in Jarandilla. However, the town council has planned a series of activities that include videos alluding to the event with recreations made by the students of IES Jaranda, which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Two activities are also scheduled for the 28th. In the morning, the journalist and writer Víctor Fernández Correas will talk about the arrival of the Emperor Carlos V to Jarandilla. In the afternoon, a video will be broadcast recreating this arrival, in which a large part of the population of Jarandilla de la Vera has participated.

In short, activities that will never be able to replace the aroma and atmosphere achieved by the annual performance, but which will certainly alleviate some of the pain of not being able to celebrate it as it was on a regular basis.  


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