The imperial honeymoon in Granada

Once married, Charles V and Elizabeth spent their honeymoon in Granada

After spending a few days in Seville, where the wedding was held in 1526, Charles and Elizabeth went to Granada, where they enjoyed a honeymoon that lasted until almost the end of that year.

For Charles V, Granada brought back great memories: apart from saying that it was the one he loved the most, let us remember that it was the last city conquered by his grandparents, Isabella and Ferdinand.

Granada was/is a paradise at the foot of the Sierra Nevada and with the Alhambra Palace as a refuge. As a result, the couple had time to conceive the future Philip II, who would be heir to the Spanish crown, and to commission a splendid Renaissance palace from a master of the time, Pedro Machuca. However, Charles was unable to see it finished because of the ever-present shortage of money.

Curiously, the honeymoon ended earlier than the couple would have liked, as they wanted to stay in Granada in winter as well. The uprising of the Moors in Granada and the revolt of the Germanías forced the emperor to deal with both problems.

The closest one, that of the Grenadians, was the one in which he was most personally involved. So much so, that he received them to hear about his own voice for the problems and affronts suffered by this group. After doing so, it was decided to set up a commission of enquiry, which later gave way to a Board chaired by the Archbishop of Seville and Inquisitor General, Alonso de Manrique, and García de Loaysa, his confessor. Faced with the impossibility of indoctrinating the entire Moorish population, it was decided to evangelise the youth through the schools where the Moorish children were educated. «Because there was no hope for the parents», wrote Sandoval, the Emperor’s chronicler. 

Once the matter was resolved, the people of Granada showed themselves faithful to the Emperor. It is said that, lost during a day’s hunting in the Sierra Nevada mountains, alone and forlorn, a Moorish guide took him out of trouble and returned him safe and sound in the company of his beloved. 

Until finally Charles and Isabella left Granada on 10 December 1526, never to return.

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