Empress Elizabeth’s entry into Valladolid

After spending their honeymoon, the couple moved to Valladolid, where in September 1527 the heir, Philip II, was born

Empress Elizabeth made her entry into Valladolid on February 22nd, 1527. Seven months later she would give birth to her son and heir, Philip II. An entry that would be remembered for the opposite of what one would expect from an event of this nature.

The first thing to be said is that the whole of Valladolid was involved in the arrival of Empress Elizabeth in the city. A city that, let us remember, gave a welcome to the then heir to the crown of Castile that the emperor had not forgotten because of the cold way in which the people of Valladolid received him, as well as his entourage. The events and the political situation of the moment were not the best to give him the warmth that some chroniclers, such as Laurent Vital, do. Silence, only silence, accompanied Empress Elizabeth to her residence at Pimentel Palace.


The entrance of Empress Elizabeth took place on February 22nd, and the atmosphere of the moment was not the best either. But on this occasion, not because of the coldness imposed by the people of Valladolid – the communal uprising was no longer a memory – but because of what was transmitted by the royal retinue itself.

Pimentel Palace, Valladolid.

Sandoval, the royal chronicler, tells us that the scene leaves a mark that is anything but solemn. The fact that the empress was pregnant made that retinue walk the streets in silence, which gave Sandoval the opportunity to compare her passage through the streets of Valladolid with that epithet. The silence was absolute, and the empress traveled in a litter carried by 24 porters who rotated in their movement. «I have never seen such a spectacle», he said, he heard a Valladolid man say as he contemplated the spectacle.

A city in which she finally gave birth to the future King of Spain, Felipe II, as we tell in this blog entry.

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