Beaches full of history

The beaches of our route network, full of history, are to be enjoyed at any time

The beaches of our route network are a magnificent opportunity to discover unique places full of history. Do you dare to do it?

There are two beaches that we bring you here: beaches whose waters lick the Cantabrian Sea, one in Tazones and another in Laredo; and beaches full of history. Beaches in which the Emperor Carlos V left his mark on two of the most important moments of his life: when he arrived in Spain to inherit the crown of Castile; and when he arrived for the last time on his way to his final retirement in Yuste.



The then heir to the Spanish crown landed at Tazones in 1517 by mistake, as he was expected on the other beach featured in this article. This meant that the population of that town, on seeing the heir’s fleet, received him with great belligerence. Once the confusion had been dispelled, the future emperor disembarked and was able to continue his planned journey.

FOTO: Juanjo Arrojo

A beach that, as a curiosity, is barely 200 metres long and that, as a curiosity, will allow you to visit the footprints of different dinosaurs a little more than 100 metres away.

Foto: Juanjo Arrojo


The Emperor Charles V arrived in Laredo in 1556. And it was there that he uttered one of his most memorable phrases. It is known that on the 28th of September of that year, as soon as he set foot on the ground after disembarking, he knelt down, kissed the ground and exclaimed the following: «Hail, common mother of all mortals, to you I return, naked and poor, just as I came from my mother’s womb. I pray for this mortal spoil which I dedicate to you forever, and let it rest in your bosom until that day which will put an end to all human things».


Without a doubt, the longest beach on the entire Cantabrian coast – more than four kilometres – is the prelude to a series of green routes, which take between one and three hours to walk, and are well worth the effort.

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