The city of Medina de Pomar

Despite having nearly 6,000 inhabitants, Medina de Pomar can boast of being a city

Not because it is very big can it be considered a city. For example, Medina de Pomar is considered as such. We tell you why this historical curiosity.

Whenever we speak of cities, we refer to towns with tens or hundreds of thousands of inhabitants, even millions. Thus, we speak of the city of Barcelona, of that of Madrid… When, in the case of the latter, it is not even so. And yes, for example, Medina de Pomar, in the province of Burgos, which has a population of around 6,000.

Why?, you may ask.

Medina de Pomar.

Very simple: it’s a title that has been granted since the Middle Ages to certain population centres. A privilege that was granted by the monarchs and that placed the recipients in a higher level of hierarchy. In this way, a city was above villas, villages and places, as well as receiving more privileges than others.
This is the case of Medina de Pomar, which has been a city since 1894. It was the Queen Regent María Cristina of Habsburg-Lorraine who, at the proposal of the then Minister of the Interior, Alberto Aguilera y Velasco, granted a title that, for example, Madrid, despite being the capital of the state, does not have. In fact, it was never recognised as such a title, unlike others, such as Medina de Pomar.

A place that has always had a real presence. In addition to that of the Emperor Charles V on his last trip to Spain on his way to his retreat in the Monastery of Yuste, Isabella the Catholic and her daughter Juana also stopped here in 1496, on their way to Laredo for the embarkation of the Infanta on the road to Flanders, where she would marry Philip the Beautiful.



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