Castillo de Jarandilla Red de Rutas del Emperador Carlos V

Emperor Charles V’s visitors to Yuste and Jarandilla

Although incomplete, it reveals the quality and status of the person who chose the Monastery of Yuste to retire from the world

Have you ever wondered how many people visited Emperor Charles V in the Monastery of Yuste and previously in Jarandilla de la Vera? Although it is incomplete, by courtesy of Father Domingo de G. María Alboraya, we offer it to you below.

Relatives, friends, acquaintances, diplomats, eager to exchange a few words with the most powerful emperor in Christendom… All sorts of things passed through Yuste during the 18 months that Emperor Charles V resided there. If you do the maths, you will realise that the number of visits is not bad for a person who had previously stripped himself of all the trappings of power.

Jarandilla de la Vera.

However, it is worth remembering that both Jarandilla and – even more so – the Monastery of Yuste were off the beaten track and off the beaten track. In other words, the figures mentioned below went there specifically to spend some time with the emperor.

Monasterio de Yuste.

Here is the list:

San Francisco de Borja (Francisco de Borja, Duke of Gandía).
Saint Peter of Alcántara (called as confessor to Yuste, he did not accept the post).
Eleanor, Queen of France (sister)
Mary, Queen of Hungary (sister)
John of Austria (Jeromin, bastard son of the Emperor).
Fray Bartolomé de Carranza, Archbishop of Toledo.
Pedro Lagasca, Bishop of Palencia.
Leopoldo of Austria, bishop of Cordoba.
Rui Gómez de Silva, Count of Melito and later Prince of Eboli.
Fadrique de Zúñiga.
Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, Count of Oropesa.
Sancho de Córdoba, Philip II’s ambassador to Portugal.
Gabriel de la Cueva, son of the Duke of Alburquerque.
Lorenzo Fires de Távora, ambassador of Portugal.
Martín de Avendaño.
Juan Acuña Vela.
Manuel de Melo, Ambassador of Portugal.
Antonio Portocarrero.
Juan de Vega, President of the Royal Council.
Fernando de la Cerda, brother of the Duke of Medinaceli.
Pedro Manrique.
Juan Ginés Sepúlveda, chronicler.
Alonso de Baeza, treasurer to the Emperor.
Juan de Mendoza, ambassador to Portugal.



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