Did you know that the bullring of Rasines… is square?

Together with those of Segura de la Sierra (Jaén) and Santa Cruz de Mudela (Ciudad Real), they are the only ones built in this shape

In Rasines, one of the members of our network of routes, you will come across an unusual curiosity: a bullring… square. And it is the only one with this shape in the whole of Spain.

Our network of routes is full of legends, charming places, breathtaking landscapes… And of such unusual things as a square bullring.

Did I read square, you may be asking yourself? Yes, square.

Built in 1758 and later restored in 1955, it is a building that stands out for being built in masonry and ashlar stone. Its dimensions are 17.4 metres by 16.8 metres and it can hold around 900 spectators. In addition, both the burladeros and the barriers are located at the corners. And if you are wondering whether it is still in use, the answer is yes; moreover, it is the only bullring of its kind in Cantabria. Perhaps, as soon as you can, you could escape on the 15th August, when the Virgin of Villasomera is celebrated, to attend the bullfights organised in her honour.

What could be the reasons for building it in such an unusual shape? No clear reason. Perhaps the most plausible one is that it was built at the time for other purposes and that, later, it was used for the function it has now.

Photo: Cantabria Inusual.

And if the photos are not enough to give you an idea of what this bullring looks like, we invite you to watch this video. So you can see that we are not fooling you 😛


Isn’t it worth a visit? As soon as you can, it’s a good destination 😉

SOURCE: Cantabria Unusual



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