Becerril de Campos, in photos

It has been a historic-artistic site since 1974, and was named the most beautiful village in Spain in 2016

Seven churches, five of which are still standing today, and a lot of history. That’s what we’ll show you below in the form of photos. Because Becerril de Campos, in the province of Palencia, has a lot to show you.

Strolling through Becerril de Campos is like strolling through a place where peace and history can be breathed in equal measure. Streets through which you can stroll with no other sound than the sound of your own footsteps while you enjoy the colours that splash over every place you visit; as if the ochre of the cereal fields were impregnating every façade.

Entrance arch.
Church-Museum of Santa Maria.
Town Hall building.

Emperor Charles V passed through it in 1517 on his way to the throne and the crown that awaited him in Valladolid. According to the chronicles, he was received there by the Constable of Castile, who joined the retinue accompanying the then heir to the throne to enter the streets where he was met by neighbours who watched him pass by without being able to avoid gestures or faces of admiration.

Obispo Ibáñez Square.
Church of Santa Eugenia.
Church of San Miguel.

And there, in Becerril de Campos, it is necessary to stop at the ruins of the atrium of the church of San Martín; at the spectacle offered by San Pedro Cultural, where the only meridian line in Spain can be seen; in the impression caused by the church-museum of Santa María, its paintings by Berruguete and the sculptures by Alejo de Vahía; in its Plaza Mayor and the buildings that adorn it; in the Puerta de la Villa, the only vestige of the old medieval wall; in a branch of the Canal de Castilla, with its serene waters; in….

St. Martin’s Tower.
Canal of Castile.
San Pedro Cultural Outdoor.

So many things that we could spend hours and hours talking about Becerril de Campos. A place to know, a place to enjoy.

SOURCE: Dónde vamos, Eva and Town Hall of Becerril de Campos



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