Logroño, in photos

The capital of the autonomous region of La Rioja meets all the requirements to make it the perfect place to visit

Few places are capable of bringing together all the ingredients to become the perfect place to visit. The only bad thing that could be said about Logroño -those who love it- is that it has no sea. The rest has everything. But everything.

A small city – barely 150,000 inhabitants -, twinned with a large number of towns all over the world – France, Scotland, Argentina, Chile, Hungary -, and with a mild continental climate.

Because Logroño is history – thousands of years old, a crossroads on the Way of St. James, a crossroads of civilisations, a place and haunt of kings and emperors – among them, Emperor Charles V -.

Logroño is culture, it is life – whoever has not wandered along its Calle del Laurel cannot say that they have experienced everything there is to experience – it is nature – extensive parks, green areas, and the river Ebro lapping at its banks – it is gastronomy, it is….

That is why we can safely say that Logroño is everything you want it to be. That is why we want to show you part of its essence in the form of photos. Well, you know what they say, don’t you? A picture is always worth a thousand words. And the ones we bring you here of Logroño are for you to pack your bags as soon as you can and set off for it.

Or not?

Because, to paraphrase Gabinete Caligari, on the banks of the Ebro there is a city. On the banks of the Ebro…

Logroño awaits you.


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