Tordesillas, in photos

Few places can boast as much history as Tordesillas

Tordesillas is the history of Spain, and we would almost dare to say the history of humanity. On the banks of the river Duero stands a city that is essential to know the evolution of a key crossroads to know that history.

Tordesillas, the refuge of a queen who was called mad, and who saw the last light of her life here.

Tordesillas, where the Spanish kings (Isabella and Ferdinand, the Catholic Monarchs) and the Portuguese (John II) sat down and signed a contract to divide up the lands to be conquered in the new world.

Monastery of Santa Clara.
Duero River.

Tordesillas, a place where the most powerful emperor of Christendom – Charles V – stopped and was obliged to pass through on his travels to Castile.

Tordesillas, land of museums and palaces, convents and churches, hospitals and hermitages.

Tordesillas, land of wines and flavours, smells and colours.

Medieval bridge.
Statue of Queen Joan.
Main Square.
Treaty Houses.

Tordesillas, crossroads, of disputes between royalists and communards. 

Tordesillas, on the banks of the river Duero, which the medieval bridge crosses watching its waters flow by. That river that always sings the same verse but with different water, as the poet Gerardo Diego wrote.

Tordesillas, a land to rest and to dream, to enjoy and to admire, to contemplate and never forget.



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