Losar de la Vera, in photos

Nature and history go hand in hand in one of our partners in the Cáceres region of La Vera

A place with charm, exuberant nature… And complete information on the reason for the death of Emperor Charles V. Everything there, in Losar de la Vera.

Shapely trees, an internationally famous gorge and a heritage rich in churches and hermitages. That’s part of what you’ll find in Losar de la Vera, in the La Vera region of Cáceres, if you decide to set out for this place.

What to see

Let’s be very schematic, so that it’s clear to you:

  • A gorge, Cuartos, with a 15th century stone bridge with two arched spans and granite masonry that crosses the stream, and which is one of the typical examples of La Vera.

  • The Cristo de la Misericordia hermitage, with a rectangular masonry and ashlar masonry floor plan and a single nave covered with two sections of barrel vault with lunettes. It conserves a Churrigueresque style altarpiece with images of great artistic value.
  • Hermitage of San Roque, very popular in the town, built in masonry and ashlar masonry with a four-slope roof.
  • Parish Church of Santiago Apóstol, recently declared a site of cultural interest.
Parish Church of Santiago Apóstol.

The death of Emperor Charles V

But Losar de la Vera has one last surprise in store for you: to find out the real reason for the death of Emperor Charles. To do so, all you have to do is go to the El Robledo estate. There, in an old dispensary dedicated to the eradication of malaria during the first decades of the last century, you will find the Malaria Interpretation Centre. And there, then, you can learn the reason for the death of Emperor Charles V… if you don’t already know 😊.

More information (in Spanish), on the website of Losar de la Vera.



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