Mojados, in photos

This municipality in the province of Valladolid can boast of being the meeting place of two emperors

Mojados is 26 kilometres from Valladolid, a town in the Tierra de Pinares region, which in November 1517 was the meeting place of two brothers who would eventually become emperors of the Holy Roman Empire.

On lands crossed and irrigated by the river Cega – worthy of admiration is the stone bridge built during the reign of Philip II – stands Mojados, a town in which two equally beautiful churches can be admired.

The first of these is that of Santa María, built in the Mudejar style during the 14th century with reforms undertaken during the 15th century, it is notable for its three naves with barrel vaults and tower made of both stone and brick. The second, that of San Juan, with a single nave, dates from the 13th and 14th centuries, and is notable for its tower and doorway, with a pointed horseshoe arch.

Also of note are the Nuestra Señora de Luguillas hermitage, in the Baroque style, built in masonry, with a belfry and brick; the Town Hall, and the 16th-century House of Count of Patilla, built entirely of stone.

Nuestra Señora de Luguillas hermitage.
House of Count of Patilla.

Meeting place of emperors

But what they never forget in Mojados – and this is the reason for a historical re-enactment held every year at the beginning of July – is that this is where the first meeting took place between two brothers who did not even know each other; and who eventually became emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Sons of Philip the Fair and Joan of Trastamara, Charles, the elder – 17 years old at the time – was born in Ghent and had come to the lands of Castile to be proclaimed king, while Ferdinand – 14 years old at the time – the younger, was born in Alcalá de Henares. The date of that meeting remains in our memory: 12th November 1517.



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