Coudenberg Palace, in photos

It was the residence of Emperor Charles V during his stays in Brussels

A place that oozes history. These are just a few remains, but they are enough to give us an idea of what it was like. Undoubtedly, it was a centre of power. Particularly in the time of Emperor Charles V.

Only the remains of what was once the magnificent Coudenberg Palace in Brussels have survived to the present day. However, they are sufficient to give an idea of what it was like, and what it was like as a place of residence for Emperor Charles V during his many stays in Brussels. In this respect, it should be remembered that this is the city or town in which he stayed the most days during his lifetime. For those of you who love figures: 4,583 days in a total of 26 stays.

A palace whose origins date back to the 12th century – although construction began in the mid-11th century – and which takes its name from the hill on which it was built; and which is intimately linked to the life of Emperor Charles V. For example, it was the place chosen to celebrate his abdication, which took place in 1555. Finally, in 1731, a fire put an end to what was one of the symbols of the city.

Now, the ruins of this palace have been converted into cellars that form part of an archaeological site consisting of a network of underground rooms and passages. As a curiosity, these basements are located under the main wing of the palace, which was the place where the most important rooms were located, as well as the audience rooms and also the space dedicated to storage inside the palace.

In short, a place that is well worth a visit to get to know what it was in its time, and without doubt, the greatest centre of power in all of Europe.

Photos Coudenberg Palace: (©) Jasmine Van Hevel

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