Lanestosa, in photos

A medieval village which is also the smallest municipality in Biscay; and the only one through which there is evidence of the passage of Emperor Charles V

Lanestosa, a natural passage from the Castilian plateau to the Bay of Biscay, was the second town of the old lordship of Biscay, after Balmaseda. A medieval town. More than that: a dream place.

Lanestosa, a town that has been a privileged witness to history since its foundation in the 13th century. An almost magical place whose historic quarter seems to have stood still in time, and which is a delight for the senses.

Its structure corresponds to the classic layout of the nuclei linked to historic roads. Its strategic location as a pass between Cantabria and the Castilian plateau, at the foot of the Puerto de Tornos, speaks of its importance. This made Lanestosa an obligatory stop for all kinds of people: from traders to travellers, including Emperor Charles V himself, on his journey on his way to Yuste. Tradition has it that he arrived in the town on 7 October 1556, and that he spent the night in the Colina Palace, at number 13 Calle Real.

Thus, in Lanestosa you can enjoy cobbled streets, large houses and palaces of a typically mountainous style, as well as a good example of Indian architecture from the late 19th and early 20th centuries; and a church, the church of San Pedro, which was moved in the 16th century to its current location, in the Plaza Vieja, from the right bank of the river Calera, where it was originally located.

It is an ideal place for a number of hiking and mountain biking routes – up to a total of twelve, covering the Alto Ansón and Las Encartaciones.

A place called Lanestosa.

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